DOWLEX 14mm PE-RT Teava Multistrat

KOMO Approved

  • Dowlex 2344 or PE-80, PE-RT Type I resin
  • Manufactured to the highest standards
  • KIWA / KOMO approved
  • EVOH oxygen barrier layer (DIN 4726)

The high performance PE-RT pipe is manufactured by an addition of chemicals to the polyethylene raw material. This increases the strenght of the pipe which allows PE-RT pipes to be succesfully used for underfloor heating systems. This pipe is highly flexible, easy to use and has very good creep strength. In addition, the pipes have a high stability against stress corrosion.


Construction of the DOWLEX  multilayer PE-RT heating pipe

PE-RT Heating Pipe

a. PE-RT, Type 1

b. Adhesive layer

c. EVOH oxygen barrier

Maximum length per port with the 14mm PE-RT pipe

The maximum length per port for PE-RT tubes with a diameter of 14mm is 100m (greater lengths result in too much pressure loss).

When making use of the 25mm dry floor system, a pipe spacing of 12.5cm is used for main heating (approximately one port per 10m²).

50 YEAR WARRANTY (including insured consequential damages of 10 years)

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